Artisan Walk

Escrow Questions

What is the Occupancy Ratio at Artisan Walk?

There are a total of 72 units at Artisan Walk, 17 of which are registered offsite units.

Is there any Pending Litigation at this property?

No, there is currently no pending litigation.

How do I make a Document Request to attain a Lender Questionnaire or Demand?

All Document Requests are processed at


Owner Questions

How can I update the Tenancy Information at my unit?

Please Complete the Occupancy Form (click here) and mail to Grayson Community Management or Email to

How can I receive Emails regarding upcoming Events in my Community?

Please complete the Email Consent Form (click here) and email to Grayson Community Management at

Who is responsible for plumbing matters at Artisan Walk?

Homeowners are responsible for the private lateral lines that extend from the unit to the public sewer system.

Who is responsible for the Hot Water Heater at my unit?

Because each unit has their own water heater, each homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and repair of their own particular water heater.

Whom do I contact for questions regarding my Water Bill?

Utility Management Concepts

Tel (800) 481-0050


Where can an owner post a “For Sale” or “For Rent” sign?

Homeowners may post a sign in the window, but no signs are permitted in front of the unit. Realtor signs must be placed at the main property driveway.

What sort of  coverings may I put up in my unit’s windows?

Shutters, solid shades, and blinds are all permitted at the property, provided that they are of a neutral white or off-white color.

How do I reserve the Barbecue Area?

Complete a Reservation Form and submit a deposit check of $200.00.

When is garbage collected?

Garbage is collected on Thursdays, garbage bins may not be left out more than 24 hours prior to the collection; nor 24 hours after collection.



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