2380 Homestead HOA

Escrow Questions

What is the Owner Occupancy Ratio at the 2380 Homestead HOA?

There is a total of 18 Units, 4 of which are Registered Offsite Addresses.

Is there any Pending Litigation?

There is currently No Pending Litigation.

How do I request Documents, Questionnaires, or Demands?

All Document Requests are processed at Homewisedocs.com


Fees and Purchase Questions

What do I do if I want to Rent out My Unit?

Please Complete the Occupancy Form (click here) and mail to Grayson Community Management or Email to helpdesk@graysoncm.com

How can I receive Emails regarding upcoming Events in my Community?

Please complete the Email Consent Form (click here) and email to Grayson Community Management at helpdesk@graysoncm.com


Homeowner Questions

How can I learn which Storage unit is mine?

Regrettably, the Association has no written record of the assignment of Storage Units. Homeowners are told their Storage Space upon the Purchase of the Unit. The Association is in the midst of conducting a membership survey to determine the record of storage space assignment.

What is the Parking Policy at Homestead?

Each Unit is assigned one covered parking space in the rear of the property. All uncovered parking is available first come/first serve.

 My dryer vent needs to be cleaned, is  that the Association’s responsibility?

No, dryer vent cleaning is homeowner’s responsibility.

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