California Seacrest

Escrow Questions

What is the current Occupancy Ratio?

There is a total of 85 units at California Seacrest, 35 of which are registered offsite addresses.

Is there any pending Litigation?

There is currently no pending Litigation.

How do I make a Document Request to attain a Lender Questionnaire or Demand?

All Document Requests are processed at


Owner Questions

How do I update the Tenancy Information for my unit?

Please Complete the Occupancy Form (click here) and mail to Grayson Community Management or Email to

How can I receive Emails regarding upcoming Events in my Community?

Please complete the Email Consent Form (click here) and email to Grayson Community Management at

Can I use my fireplace?

If your unit has an updated (gas) fireplace, you may use your fireplace in accordance with city regulations. If your fireplace is wood-burning or fire log-burning, we recommend that you don’t use your fireplace because of flaws in our community’s chimney caps. The Association is working on having these updated and replaced.

SAN JOSE, CA 95126