5 Ideas to Engage Your HOA


Physical interaction is important in building healthy relationships among families and neighbors. Mobile technology and social media has greatly affected how families and neighbors interact with each other. These should not be taken negatively because these were meant to broaden avenue for human communication. But the problem is getting absorbed in the virtual, while setting aside physical interaction with the community around us. Adding up the individualistic mindset in western cultures, it’s no wonder asking for communal participation can be that tough.

So to make your HOA feel more like a thriving community here are some ideas to engage your HOA:

  • Host a community event. Eating or drinking together is always a good idea. Community-wide barbecue, pot luck or ice cream are the best during summer.
  • Run Holiday Decoration contests. This may incite healthy competition among neighbors. Make sure everyone is having fun.
  • Arrange seminars. During annual board meetings, you may invite speakers for various topics such as environmental awareness, homeschooling, livelihood projects, small businesses.
  • Schedule a Clean-up day. Hit two birds with one stone by bringing your community outside and together while making your neighborhood clean.
  • Set up creative mediums of communication. Communication is key to any relationship. Print ads, newsletters and bulletin boards may catch your community’s attention but you may also turn to social networking sites, depending on what media suits best for your community.

So there you have them. Surely, there is a thousand more ways to engage your HOA, but we hope these ideas are enough to get you started.

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