66 Newell Road, Inc.

Escrow Questions

What is the Owner Occupancy Ratio at the 66 Newell Road, Inc.?

There is a total of 18 Units, 9 of which are Registered Offsite Addresses.

Is there any Pending Litigation?

There is currently No Pending Litigation.

How do I request Documents, Questionnaires, or Demands?

All Document Requests are processed at Homewisedocs.com.


Fees and Purchase Questions

How do I purchase a new parking pass?

You may purchase a new parking pass by mailing in a check for $50.00 to Grayson Community Management.

How do I purchase a new Garage Remote?

You may purchase a Generic Garage Remote from any retail location. The Remote must be 310 Mhz and have at least 8 dipswitches. Contact Grayson Community Management at helpdesk@graysoncm.com for the Program Code.

Is there a Move In/Move Out Fee at 66 Newell Road, Inc.?

There is a Move in Fee of $50.00 which must be paid by check made payable to “66 NEWELL ROAD, INC” (not to Grayson Community Management)

Please mail check to:
66 Newell Road, Inc.
c/o Grayson Community Management
65 Washington St, Suite 268
Santa Clara, CA 95050


Owner Questions

How can I receive Emails regarding upcoming Events in my Community?

Please complete the Email Consent Form (click here) and email to Grayson Community Management at helpdesk@graysoncm.com

What do I do if I want to Rent out My Unit?

Please Complete the Occupancy Form (click here) and mail to Grayson Community Management or Email to helpdesk@graysoncm.com. Please mail in a check for the Move In/Move Out fee.

SAN JOSE, CA 95126