Grayson Construction Management is a trusted resource firm specializing in projects for Home Owner Associations (HOA) and Common-Interest Development (CID). With offices in the San Francisco, San Jose, and East Bay areas, we understand the local economy and construction industry. We are dedicated professionals each with decades of experience representing Owners to reduce the cost of their projects by providing highly skilled management for projects. This level of oversight results in greater success of projects, reduced level of risks, greater coast control, enhanced communication, superior quality, and reduced liability.

  • Planning. Carefully strategize conceptual plans including scope, cost, and schedule for better decision making.
  • Preconstruction. Carefully analyze the variables and resources to assemble the most qualified team.
  • Construction. Carefully manage and provide comprehensive oversight while maintaining the project on schedule
    and on budget.
  • Assessment. Carefully review on site conditions and building assessment to aid in the financial planning by analyzing lifecycle and maintenance issues.
  • Defect Analysis & Repair. Carefully develop an efficient repair process by evaluating defects and preparing a cost-effective reconstruction plan.
  • Sustainability. We advocate the use of sustainability methods for renewable energy and resource efficiency project to positively impact the client, the community, and
    the environment.